Hastings, MN

The Minard Family

Finn Minard

Finn is 2 years old, he’s the baby of the family. He started to have lots of bruises & swelling. His daycare required a doctor visit. He was sent directly to Children’s Minnesota and diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His family is devastated. He had surgery to put his port in & started chemotherapy as soon as he could. We have a long journey ahead. The doctors tell us Finn has a good chance of a cure. It sounds like his parents just need the strength to keep fighting for him. The lengthy hospital stays have been hard on the family. 

July 22, 2020
Test results

Yesterday, we received Finn’s post induction bone marrow sample/lumbar puncture results. They were not the results we were hoping for.

Finn is not in remission.

He still has leukemia cells in his body. They detected 0.03% disease. So it’s close to zero but still positive for disease.  Finn will carry on with the next course of treatment for now.  we really hope that he will be in remission at the end of the next phase of treatment.  although there are many options available if he does test positive for disease at that point, it would be devastating to get to that point. We hope that this little guy can endure as little suffering as possible and can get back to being a fun loving kid as soon as possible.