The Mitchell Family

Farmington, MN
$600.00 raised of $8,627.00
Mortgage/Rent $6,135.00
3 months
Student Loans $1,197.00
3 months
Medical Bills $1,295.00
1 months
    Melvin Mitchell
    Premature Birth

    Melvin joined us earlier than expected at 31 wks. This came as a huge surprise as we were still looking for permanent housing after moving back to MN in February to be closer to family and exceptional health care. Little did we know, that exceptional health care would be an even bigger part of our lives than expected, as we have been in the NICU for the last month and counting. In the mean time, Mom isn’t working due to preterm labor and staying with Melvin in the NICU until he is ready to come home. Melvin has overcome several health obstacles already, but will likely go home when he’s ready with a feeding tube that mom and dad will manage until he can eat on his own. 

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