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Shreveport, LA
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    Eva Morganti
    Bicytopenia with Thrombocytopenia

    On June 24th, I was brought to the emergency room with shortness of breath, chest pains, and extreme fatigue; thinking it was possibly COVID related symptoms.

    After an X-ray and some bloodwork, I was admitted to the hospital in dyer need of a blood transfusion.

    29 days later and and 22 blood transfusions later, I am still in the hospital with no real idea of what is wrong with me and no idea when I will be able to return home, much less, get back to work.

    Fortunately, the doctors have been able to tell me that I have Bicytopenia with Thrombocytopenia. Basically translating: I have 2 parts of my blood getting destroyed; the red cells and my Platelets. They are tirelessly searching for the cause of this sudden onset, but cannot find one at this point in time. I have recently been told by one of the doctors on my team that in all of the medical journals and even the internet, another case like mine cannot be found.

    My fiancé has been holding down the fort on the home front, like the trooper he is, but his paychecks alone are not enough to cover all of our bills. My income has always covered the large majority of the bills each month. Without my paychecks, we are now in dyer need of help for getting our bills paid.

    In February of this year, I pursued a job change...which meant we moved and I started a new job over the span of a weekend. Moving depleted our savings and I have no time off built up with my new job, nor do I have the longevity to be eligible for certain benefits like FMLA. 

    Rent, car payment, car insurance, utilities, credit card, phone bill,’s all about to start getting behind. We have the rent covered for July, but August will be here before we know it. 

    I know many families are two income families and no one is ever prepared to have themselves or a loved one stuck in the hospital, helpless. I have learned while being here that the blood bank is in desperate need of donors for all blood types. 

    Please also consider giving blood or donating plasma.  I strongly encourage anyone who is able to give blood, please do! It is only a commitment of 6 visits per year and less than an hour of your time, every other month...and it literally saves lives.

    If there is a bill you would be able to pay directly or any donation you would be able to give-any and all help in getting rent and any other bills covered for the next few months would be a blessing and some much needed relief!

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