Fort Dodge, IA

The Muller Family

Odin Muller
Premature Birth


We found out at our 20 week appointment that our son, Odin had a neural tube defect, Spina Bifida. His mother, Darby, opted to go through fetal repair to increase his chances at being born healthy. As a result, she was hospitalized, with the exception of about 3-4 weeks from December 26, 2019 until Odin entered this world March 9, 2020, at 35 weeks. His patch failed in utero and was closed on his birthday. Since then, he has had issues with breathing on his own and has undergone multiple testing including MRI's, X-rays, blood work, EEG, EKG, sleep studies, ultrasounds to name a few and we still do not have a diagnosis and he is not yet healthy enough to return home. We have been over 200 miles from home off and on before he was born and since March 9th, we have not been home at all. His dad can work remotely and Darby is still on maternity leave until June 2 but as a result, between Odin's and his moms combined medical bills, it has started to cause a strain financially. We are looking for help with either medical bill so we can focus our income on mortgage payments and other various payment obligations. Thank you

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