The Murshedi Family

Liv Murshedi
Premature Birth

Hello, my name is Shannon and this is my beautiful daughter Liv Savin. She was born at 35 weeks which was totally unexpected and scary. It's now 2 weeks after her birth on February 24th and we are still in the hospital. I also had to be transported by ambulance to a hospital that was almost 2 hours away from our home. Liv has had some complications but every day she seems to bounce back and keep pushing. She's my little warrior. We dont have certain date or even an estimate on when I'll be able to take Liv home so we have just been taking it day by day. I pray for strength for not only myself but for my babygirl to get stronger.This time has been very scary and stressful, I'm so worried about my daughter that I have completely stopped worrying about anything else but even though I'm hours away from home with my daughter in the hospital my rent and Bill's still continue to come in. I live in Dickinson ND with my Sister, 13 year old son and almost 3 year old daughter. Her and I go half on all the bills but since I've been in the hospital with Liv any funds I have has gone to lodge, food and gas. My sister has not been to work since I had Liv because she's helping watch my 2 year old daughter. My sister and kids are the only family close by. Were currently in a tight spot and anything will help and is also greatly appreciated. Thank you for you time and God Bless.

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