Lake City, MN

The Nardinger Family

Clara Nardinger
Premature Birth

Our names are Ryan and Holly and this is our daughter Clara's story. Our first child decided to join this world 8 weeks ahead of schedule throwing our whole world into a tail spin. Clara was born at the Mayo Clinic in Red Wing, MN on Jan. 4th, 2019 and was airlifted to the NICU on the Mayo Clinic St. Marys campus in Rochester, MN. She spent three nights at this NICU where she has a CPAP, a feeding tube, an IV inserted through her umbilical cord where she was given antibiotics, and she spent 48 hours under the blue lights. Once she was strong enough she was transferred to the NICU on the Mayo Clinic Methodist campus across town. She spent 19 nights at this NICU where she learned to maintain her temperature, feed without the feeding tube, and grow. After many journeys to and from the hospital and many long nights at the hospital we were finally able to bring Clara home on Jan. 26th, 2019. She is happy, healthy and growing like a weed.

Update on our little sweet pea


It is time for an update on Clara. She is doing wonderful and still growing very fast. She weighed in at 10 pounds 4 ounces at the Baby Cafe today. She has 90% control of her head and has rolled from her back to her tummy a couple of time (this was encouraged by the fact that she hates tummy time). She loves to sleep and look around. She coos and smiles back at us when we talk back to her. We love her more and more every day. 

As for our financial situation. Things are still tight, but we are trying to make it work and not stress out. With the help of our Go Fund Me page and my HSA we have been able to pay about $2800 of our medical bills and I have set up Clara's $2,000 deductible on a payment plan. Today, I learned that Blue Cross finally received the proper referral for Clara's helicopter ride. This means instead of having to come up with roughly $26,000 we now only have to come up with another $1,350. So in all we will end up paying $6,000. This is wonderful, but still stressful on our finances. 


Hello everyone, 

We thought it was time to give another update on Clara. She is doing awesome eating, sleeping and growing every day. At her 2 month appointment she was up to 7 pounds 7 ounces, which is awesome. The doctor was also impressed with her head control and the fact that when she is placed on her tummy she can scoot backwards and tries to roll over. He said that developmentally she should be two months behind her peers, but based on what he witnessed she is doing amazing. Clara really is a little blessing and we are very lucky to have her in our lives. Thank you again to all who have donated to help us keep up with the financial aspect of a NICU baby, we really truly do appreciate it!