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Aberdeen , SD
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    Tracy Nash
    Brain or Internal Organ Injury

    Life can change in a matter of seconds!

    Almost a year ago we were at my daughter’s Hockey Games on 12/31/2022 I was stepping up from one level of bleachers to next, I reached in front of me to grab the bar to help myself up as I was stepping up, my hand did not make connection with bar, I lost my balance went over backwards falling down the bleachers.  From where I was standing to where my head hit the seats was about 10 feet. 

    I don't recall much about that day just little bits and pieces.  

    I do know that I was a very lucky person that day to have some of the most amazing people by my side in a matter of seconds: my husband, daughter, nephew and his family, along with our hockey family. they contacted emergency Services and kept me calm until they could arrive. 

    I was diagnosed with a Concussion that would take time and rest. Recovery was said to not be long and I could could get back to day to day life. After little change with my symptoms (migraines, problems with vision, loss of memory function, fibermyalgia flare ups, and light and noise sensitivity), I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury that would take longer to recover. Along with the brain injury medical professionals believe I had torn a previously injured ligament in my ankle and developed a cyst in the facet joint between two of my spinal vertebre along with a bulging disk. 

    With the extent of my injury and the lack of resources where we live it caused me and my family to have to travel up to eight hours to see specialists who can provide all around care for myself. 

    Even with all of these diagnoses and many therapies to assist with recovery, I have still not returned to work. My family and I have been drastically effected financially by this injury. We thank any and all donors for offering us assistance during this difficult time in our lives. 

    Thank You again, 

    The Nash Family

    March 1, 2024
    Tracy's Medical Journey

    Surgery Update

    Tracy's Surgery went well. What an amazing staff at Mayo Clinic. There is a reason that they are the best. 

    We arrived at the hospital at5:45am this morning. Got checked in and in a room by 6-6:30. They took her back to surgery around 7:45. We got the notification that surgery started at 8:30. At 10:30 we were notified she was back in recovery. At that point the drs and nurses were trying to get her pain under control. She was having back spasms and she was very groggy. She was havin issues with some numbness in her right leg. She said it felt heavy. The doctors were in every hour to reevaluate. They told me that the numbness is more than likely from the pain meds that they put in the incision site numbed some nerves. It should wear off. A little while later they got her to get up and move to the chair. Then were able to get her to walk to the bathroom. When she was walking the numbness wore off and feeling seemed to come back in the right leg. They decided that since she had plenty of help with us being there that she would be ok to leave. 

    We decided to stayed in Rochester on Tuesday night tonight.  We made the trip to Taylor's in Willmar on Wednesday.  With pain meds on board the trip was not easy.  Tracy was able to rest comfortably majority of the trip.  We traveled the rest of the way home on Thursday It was a very rough trip home very uncomfortable making several stops to find comfortable positions we made it though.   Recovery at home has been going very well.  Tracy is feeling good still has some pain and discomfort at times to be expected.  She is ready to move forward and continues to work on her OT for cognitive and vision therapies.  

    Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers, calls, texts, comments and good thoughts. It means the world to our family for all of the support through everything we have been through. Now we just pray for fast recovery and relief from the pain. 

    Thanks again for everyone’s support and donations through "Help Me Bounce", meals, flowers, cards and monetary donation.  It is greatly appreciated more than we can express.   

    February 19, 2024
    Tracy's Medical Journey

    Tracy's Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday February 20th.  Have to be checked in at 5:45 am.  Met with Surgical Team today and the Plan is to make an incision in lower back remove some of the bone to be able to view the cyst and remove it.  Will look at bulging disc not thinking they will have to do anything with that.  After I am under anesthesia They will place what they call a halo on my head to stabilize my head neck and spine during surgery will be removed before I come outta surgery.  I will have a few punctures/incisions on my head from this halo Plan is to be in hospital for a day and then be able To go home.   They said That some people get relief immediately some it takes a few days to weeks to see an improvement.    The kids are in the way here should be here in about an hour or so.   David, My Mom and The Kids will keep you updated at we get thru tomorrow.

    February 13, 2024
    Tracy's Medical Journey

    Tracy's MRI results have come back Drs are still seeing a cyst and bulging disc on her L4-L5 in her lower back.  Drs have given us 2 options.  Epidural shots and try drain the cyst.  She had tried 2 injections already.  Drs don't think that draining the cyst and more shots will be successful.  This option may only give her short relief.  They have made the recommendation to have back surgery to remove the cyst and see what they can do for the bulging disc.  

    Surgery is scheduled for February 20th at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. 

    We ask that you please continue to keep our family in your prayers.