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Rolling Meadows , IL
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    Matthew Nedohin

    My name is Amelia Reyes, and my handsome son is Matthew. We are a family of 7 who were very happy and everything was going well. My husband and I have always worked to provide our kids the staff they needed. Then everything started falling  apart when I start noticing something it wasn't right with my little Matthew, He started getting tired when we walked to the the park and he started getting bruises on his legs. He didn't want to eat which was very rare for him and one time he told me 'Mom, why I'm getting so tired and my legs hurt when I run?' 😥😥 i didn't know what to say other than maybe you need vitamins?

    A week later he started to get pale, so my husband & I took him to the children's hospital. We spent hours in the waiting room before getting called back, where they started to drawing blood and running a series of tests on him, Finally it was almost 5 am when the doctor's pull us out off the room and give us the most terrible news, that our little boy Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia. When I heard leukemia, I automatically thought I was  going to lose my boy 😥😥 I was devastated because you can't do anything and I wished I could take my kids place.

    One of us had to leave work to start the journey of taking him to doctor's the first year It was difficult to see your baby suffering through all the processes of treatments and not knowing if his little body was going to support him through so many types of medicines. We were in the hospital for almost 2 months, and any savings we had was gone after a year, and have fallen behind on our bills. This is why we are asking for help with Help Me Bounce, We are very grateful for your help🙏🙏 We have a long way to go with our little Matthew.

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