The Neisius Family

West Bend, WI
$9,281.42 raised of $8,820.00
Mortgage/Rent $8,820.00
6 months
Eli Neisius
Premature Birth

Eli Robert Neisius came into the world six weeks early while we were out of town visiting family for Christmas. His early entrance caused Eli to have several health-related challenges. Eli spent the first week of his life on a ventilator, and he was receiving all of his nutrition through an umbilical line. Over the course of several weeks, Eli made progress and came off of the ventilator and began receiving oral feedings. Still, Eli continues to receive oxygen through a low-flow nasal cannula and his feedings are supplemented through a tube. He has been in the NICU for four weeks, and we are uncertain of when he will be discharged. We have remained in La Crosse with Eli, despite being over three hours from home. My husband has taken an unpaid leave from his job to be with Eli too. These obstacles were unexpected, and we are taking it one day at a time. We are hopeful that we will be able to get Eli home soon!





January 21, 2021
MRI Day!

Hello friends! Today I am having my first MRI (not even mommy or daddy have had one of them!) on my brain. The doctors want to see if there is anything causing my low muscle tone. Please pray that everything looks normal and that my muscles get a little stronger each day! 

Thanks so much!

Xoxo Eli 💙