The Nowak Family

Wells, MN
$600.00 raised of $9,200.00
Mortgage/Rent $2,400.00
4 months
Medical Bills $5,000.00
1 months
Car Payment $1,800.00
3 months
    Rowan Nowak
    Cerebral Palsy

    Rowan is 2 years old, he was born prematurely and his problems started the second he entered this world. He was air lifted to childrens right away and from there our journey began, they found bleeding on Rowan’s brain he wasn’t eating right he had to get a feeding tube in. Rowan fought for his life. They found out that Rowan had cerebral palsy because he was having a lot of spasm’s he wears legs braces right now. other than Rowan’s cerebral palsy Rowan was recently diagnosed with autism and he self harms very badly. I am not able to work I have to be with him at all times, Rowan faces a lot of heath issues we are still in the process of finding out what’s all fully wrong with him by doing genetic testing. Rowan is in and out of the hospital as he has failure to thrive and he cannot gain weight Rowan also won’t grow and hasn’t grown since he was about 12 months. So we’re hoping the genetics test shows us some answers as to why he won’t grow or gain weight. Rowan has fought his way through life and it’s only getting worse for him as his mother it’s the worst thing to watch your child struggle to just live! Rowan is such a great child he’s funny, he loves his 3 siblings, he loves toy story and he loves life even though he has to fight it! Rowans smile can light up a room he deserves the best! #Rowanstrong

    August 3, 2022
    Rowan’s injections in his legs

    Rowan is going to have Botox injections into his legs on August 10th the night before that he will have a sleep study done. Rowans injections are suppose to help loosen up his muscles in his legs to help him walk, Rowan will be put to sleep so please pray for him and that it all goes well there are a lot of side effects of Botox injections. During his sedation he will get his molds for new braces for his legs, and also he will be fitted for a soft shell helmet as he self harms very hard and it’s becoming a big safety concern.   

    rowan is rarely happy but I wanted to post a picture of him and his siblings doing the one thing he does love doing witch is swimming with his siblings he is such an amazing boy on the inside and out. We don’t look at rowan for his disabilities we look at him for HIM! They do not defy him and I want nothing more than to teach him that. Play pray for Rowan’s upcoming injections and lab test I will update when we get to the hospital. He also has upcoming genetic testing.