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    Eric Nyberg
    Brain Tumor

    Eric was diagnosed with a grade 4 Gleosarcoma at the start of May 2022. (had a seizure one morning so i rushed him to the ER). He had surgery to remove as much as possible 3 days later. once healed he started on a round of intense radiiation and chemo through the summer of 2022. He was enrolled in a clinical trial at the NIH August-October 2022, but then middle of October he had another seizure, and we found the tumor had grown again. At this time he started losing feeling in his left arm and left leg started dragging. He had emergency and experimental 2nd surgery Nov 1st at the NIH and he spent 2-3 weeks in the ICU there, with daughter and i flying up to DC as we could afford and blessed with friends who gave up their air miles.  Once released he spent 2 weeks at the National Rehab Hospital in DC, before we could get him home.

    He came home just before Christmas 2022. The first couple of days of 2023 he relapsed, unable to sit, eat, drink, bathed in sweat, vomiting etc. So ended back in hospital here in Atlanta for a week or so, then transferred him to an inpatient rehab facility for approx 3 weeks. During this time he started on infusion (Avastin, which is still ongoing) and Carboplatin chemotherapy. At some point in later 2023 we switched over to Gleostene chemotherapy as the Carbo wasnt working. So for now thats holding everything steady.

    As you can imagine, he hasnt been able to work since October 2022 (and basically since hispotty amounts as energy allowed). I work in a bakery which allows me tbe be flexible for taking him to pt, ot, doc appointments, infusion, bloodwork etc.. his infusion appointments are an hour away, so I have to take the day off to take him as we have no family close to help us. My bosses understand the situation as best they can, unfortunately this doesn’t pay well, but i need the flexibility which this allows.

    Our savings is completely depleted and have been relying on family and friends to help us on occasion as we are unfortunately now falling behind on bills. Im working as much as i can whilst also taking care of Eric and our teenage daughter navigate her final year of high school and College applications and trying to balance everything. So that’s our story so far, we thanks so much for your time.
    Eric, Louise, and Grace Nyberg

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