The O'Bannon Family

Owensboro, KY
$1,500.00 raised of $23,803.20
Utilities – Electric $5,280.00
12 months
Car Payment $9,346.68
12 months
Utilities - Phone $0.00
6 months
Mortgage/Rent $9,176.52
12 months
Utilities - Internet $0.00
12 months
    Braelyn O'Bannon
    Cerebral Palsy

    Braelyn is an eleven-year-old child with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, growth hormone deficiency, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, chronic respiratory disease, adrenal insufficiency, failure to thrive, and other medical conditions. He does not walk, talk, sit unattended, hold his head up for more than a few seconds, or grasp objects. His cerebral palsy was caused from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. He is strictly tube fed for twenty hours per day, requires constant suctioning of his secretions, and requires twenty-four-hour care with numerous respiratory treatments. Braelyn has regular monthly follow ups with his specialists at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

    We are needing assistance with the purchase of a mobility van for Braelyn and other assistance. Currently our family has a Chevy Equinox which is very small, and he has to be placed in a car seat. The trip to Nashville from our home in Owensboro, KY is over two hours and is very uncomfortable for Braelyn. He has outgrown his car seat and his wheelchair has to be taken apart, along with his other medical equipment. There is not enough room for the home health nurse to care for Braelyn on our trips. Unfortunately, we are unable to purchase this at this time. We are trying to make do with what we have. With the cost of gas prices increasing on top of all of the other bills; Braelyn and the family has been struggling to make appointments.

    Any help with a donation would be greatly appreciated. Due to illnesses the family has suffered a loss of income and is down to a one income family. 

    August 16, 2022
    Care 4 Bray

    Braelyn was admitted to the Monroe Carell Jr.'s Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt on August 11, 2022. He was diagnosed with pneumonia from aspiration.