The Olmedo Family

Minneapolis, MN
$600.00 raised of $6,584.00
Mortgage/Rent $3,500.00
2 months
Car Payment $2,384.00
Utilities - Phone $700.00
2 months
    Ulises Olmedo
    Infant-Related Illness

    Hi my name is Melisa and I am a single mother of 4, expecting baby number 5. I have always been a hard working mama, trying the best for her babies. In March of this year I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with my baby boy, Ulises. He was not in my plan of life, but never the less excited to have one more brother or sister to add to our family. As I started regular prenatal care, I found out my beautiful baby has a genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta and he is type 2. The doctor took me into a tiny room, alone, to tell me the diagnosis and it is considered lethal. I felt as if my world was falling apart. I have been given the choice to terminate the pregnancy, but as his mother, I stood firm that I will give him every opportunity to fight until the end. I believe he was sent here with purpose, considering I was on the depo shot when I conceived him.

    In the past few months, I  have been on a roller coaster of emotions. With the diagnosis, came lots of doctor appointments, which lead to me loosing my only source of income. Everyday has been a struggle, dealing with financial hardship and trying to stay positive emotionally for the unknown. At that point, the doctors could not tell me what to expect with the birth, but had prepared me for the possibilities. Whether Ulises survives and is in NICU for a time, or he comes home right away, or having to face what no parent should, and say good bye to my child. Along with all of this going on, the baby's father decided he was not strong enough to handle it and left us to fend for ourselves.  

    But on Monday, November 7th, my beautiful baby boy Ulises was born. I knew he would fight and when I heard him cry, it was the happiest day ever! He was not expected to survive, so now the doctors are learning alongside me how to help him thrive in life. There are a numerous of unknowns for us, and I am being split in half, having to be home with my four other children and having to be in the hospital with Uli (nickname the NICCU nurses gave him). I am his only support, so I feel I need to see him at least once a day so that he never feels alone. I want to give him the best chance at survival and have been at the hospital everyday, so he knows I am fighting along side him.  I want him to be able to come home and be with the family that loves him. With this, I am still not able to work and bills are only adding up by the minute. 

    August 7, 2023

    So things are moving along Uli was approved to bottle feed and starting to eat baby food now as his health impoves little our home situation just doesnt seem to change now carless it has been an even bigger struggle to get the correct car for him

    June 2, 2023
    Finally home

    So we are finally home!! We are back in Minnesota and Uli is here at home were he belongs as well. After 3 1/2 long months that were so worth all the sacrifices we made as a family it paid off and Uli is home. But with that being said it is an adjustment for all of us me to be home and finding a middle a norm if being a single mom of 5 versus the mom of just Uli and taking care if them all and cooking and cleaning and paying bills that unfortunatly did not stop just because we were gone in a crisis so now we are close to eviction and having our car repoed I just need a breather so we can be happy that life looks so much brighter for Uli ❤️

    March 16, 2023
    Big things are happening

    So has been awhile and alot has happened Uli and myself are now in Delaware. Yes, Delaware! After being in the PICU for 33 days it was decided that Nemours in Delaware was the place we needed to be. Uli was flown there and knowing this was going to be along haul kind of thing I drove to be able to take things with us. I was not able to bring my other 4 children along for the fact I wasnt one going to change their whole lifes and everything they know and two they need to be at school snd be kids. So we have been seperated leaving them while little support and all of us with broken hearts. With this come more expenses such as gas and food for them and myself in two different places. 

    January 31, 2023
    Have a little faith

    We are now in Gillette for the last 25 days and waiting to hear from insurance if they will transfer us to a hospital in Delaware for Uli. We have faith that God is sending us in the right direction so that Uli can grow and thrive to be able to come home with the family that loves him. With this comes loses such as me mom will have to leave the other children I have in the care of my sister and miss them deeply. An with that is bills that still need to be paid and I will have to figure out support for myself in another state where I know no one. An I will also need to fly back and forth to visit my other children but I know this time will to pass and believe there is a reason for whatever comes so please open your hearts to help us out and even if you cant financially say a prayer for our family

    December 22, 2022
    keep up the good fight

    So we actually got to go home back on 12/05 with a feeding tube and oxygen. Alittle scary for mom to take alittle 5lb baby home with all that plus morphine for his pain something I wasnt imagining have to give to my newborn baby but I will do whatever needs to be done to have him home with his family. The nice thing with him coming home we were able to get a care team that has a nurse visit twice a week to see how he is doing then have doctors visits through out the week. Unfortunately tonight we are back at the hospital to be able to do hernia repair 😔. As we were just getting pain under control. As a mom it is a worry to have your child put under but I know he is a fighter and we will get through this like everything else he has beat.

    November 21, 2022
    Help little Uli

    So we looked like we were on track to having hope of maybe going home in the next 2 weeks but unfortunatly may not be that way. Everything seemed to moving smoothly but we are back on Oxygen yet only alittle and more pain has surfaced and causing heart rate issues and breathing issues. Uli still tries to carry a smile through it all. He knows mama is right along side fighting for him.

    November 18, 2022
    Help for the Olmedo family

    Uli is making so much progress I was able to hold him the other day for the first time at 8 days old. I was so happy I started to cry because my whole pregnancy there was always the fear the reality that I may never be able to have him in my arms alive. Yesterday was my first time changing him which I didnt think with baby #5 would be any different but it was and I was nervous just changing his diaper causes him pain and as his mother breaks my heart but I know everyday he will get alittle better and grow alittle stronger. An also yesterday at 10 days old he had his first bath and to my surprise he loved it. He is so tiny but has so much personality already and is just a love bug every person that pases him cant help but stop and and call his name Uli and he always smiles he is a flirt at 10 days I am in a world of trouble when is older.