The Olson Family

Mandan, ND
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    Keagan Olson
    Breathing problems and possible blood clotting disorder

    Keagan was born May 25th 2022. He was born with low oxygen and put on support that night. He needed a feeding tube as well due to his oxygen being so low. As well as an IV and antibiotics to treat a possible infection. No infection was found. He stayed on oxygen for several days until we finally thought he would be good to go home and was okayed for a simple procedure. The procedure went well but that night he started bleeding uncontrollably and it took the doctors about an hour to stop it. This happened again in the morning. We are no longer able to take our little man home now. They are unsure what is happening with him but believe he has a rare blood clotting disorder. He is now being monitored very closely and having more and more testing done. He is now on day 11 of being in NICU.

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