The Otte Family

Coon Rapids, MN
$6,580.00 raised of $13,315.41
Mortgage/Rent $11,605.41
9 months
Utilities – Gas $1,710.00
6 months
    Rocky Otte
    End stage renal disease( complete kidney failure)

    My husband, Rocky was suddenly diagnosed with ESRD ( end stage renal disease…complete kidney failure )early June of 2021.  This diagnosis left our entire family in shock.  This diagnosis told us that he was in complete kidney failure with no hope of the kidneys restoring themselves.  Prior to this diagnosis, he was extremely ill.  He lost a lot of weight and muscle mass. He was extremely fatigued and could not keep any source of nutrition down.  That is what led up to the doctor visit which resulted in a few days in the hospital, a lot of tests, leading to his diagnosis.  Since then, he has not been able to work.  He went from in center dialysis three days per week to home dialysis every day/night for 8.5 hours.  This entire process has been quite the educational experience. We have all learned a lot about the kidneys and how strongly they play a role in our lives.  Rocky is now on a list for donation.  Until he receives a kidney, he will remain on dialysis and out of work.  His job was very strenuous and required all physical labor.  He worked every single day as a finish carpenter…doing all that was needed to demo and rebuild a home/building.  His body can’t handle that amount of strain right now which leads us here for a little financial relief.  His boss put together a go fund me last summer which has been a heaven sent….I don’t know how we would have survived financially.  Unfortunately, those funds are running low with only my income, trying to maintain life as my boys know it.   We support three VERY active boys  and the both of us are very active within our community….members on boards and booster clubs.   Our boys are 14, 12, and 9.  Baseball, Basketball, and football consume every spare moment.  We love the busy life, and it's so important for us to keep them involved  in their activities.  
    We hope that we will receive good news sooner than later , however we are also realistic when it comes to the amount of time it can take for a donor match.  Thank you very much for reading our story and your support.  We appreciate it more than you know.

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