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    Gavyn Michael Payne
    Infant-Related Illness

    Our son Gavyn was due July 24, 2022. After I was diagnosed with early onset preeclampsia at 24wks, I was hospitalized multiple times due to my elevated blood pressure. At 29wks, we were told that I would remain in the hospital until 34wks or until I gave birth, whichever came first.

    On May 24,2022 my blood pressure was extremely high and the MFMs made the decision it was time to deliver. On May 24,2022 10:08pm, at 31wks+2 I delivered Gavyn via C-section. We would spend everyday of the next 8wks with our little man in the NICU. Gavyn struggled with ongoing destats, Brady’s, trouble with feeding and required oxygen for 53 days of the 59 we were there. 


    The hospital was an hour and a half from where we live so for 2 months, my fiancé and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital, so that we could be with our sweet boy every day. It was by far, the hardest thing that either of us had ever gone through. During that time, both my fiancé and I were out of work. Neither of us drive so it made traveling back and forth between home and the hospital nearly impossible. During our NICU stay, I also suffered from postpartum preeclampsia. I was admitted and monitored 3 mores times after giving birth.

    Trying to be there for our newborn son while caring for my own health conditions became extremely trying. But on July 22,2022 after 59 days, we were discharged from the NICU and finally got to bring our boy home! Since then, due to missing the time that he had to care for me and our son, my fiancé lost his job. Prior to giving birth 2 months early, tentatively, we had decided to move from Massachusetts to Missouri, to be closer to family. Unfortunately, being in the hospital for the time that we were, left us no time to plan. Currently, we only have until November 1st at our home in Massachusetts. Over the next 2 months, we will have to find a new place to live in Missouri as well as plan to rent a moving truck to take our lives from MA to Missouri. But, before we can make any definite plans, our son Gavyn and his needs will continue to be our first priority. After failing his car seat test twice and discharged in a car bed, he still needs to retake his car seat test, see the eye doctor, cardiologist and continue follow ups with his pediatrician before we’re given the green light that we can move. It’s a lot! With neither my fiancé or I working since coming home with Gavyn, our savings has become significantly depleted. Caring for a preemie is more than either of us had ever imagined, all the while still trying to manage my health issues. The past 5 months has been a whirlwind. Since being diagnosed with PreE, to giving birth prematurely, trying to plan a cross country move so that we can be with family. But throughout everything, we’ve done our very best to adjust and adapt to our situation and things out of our control. 5 months has shown us strength that I am so proud of. We hope as the next chapter of our lives begins, the bravery and valor Gavyn has shown us all since the day he was born, will help lead us into whatever the future has waiting for us. 

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