Luck, WI

The Petersen Family

Naomi Petersen

Naomi got sick on July 22, 2019.  We thought she may have a been bitten by a tick.  Little did we know what she was in for.  After a blood test for Lyme’s we waited a day.  The next day she was so sick that she couldn’t walk because her leg hurt so bad.  A blood clot was discovered in her right leg at the emergency room.  

Naomi was taken to Children’s Hospital Minneapolis in an ambulance from St. Croix Falls and admitted to the ER.  After a few hours an ICU doctor, Dr. Flynn, came in and took a look at Naomi.  She calmly said we were going upstairs.  Naomi was wheeled into her room and things changed very quickly.  

Dr. Flynn seemed to know that Naomi was very sick and needed help immediately. Naomi was septic and barely had any blood pressure.  We left the room and 4 hours later we could hardly recognize her.  She was breathing on a ventilator and on many medicines.  The next morning we discovered that Naomi had a MRSA infection and it was very serious.  

Three weeks later Naomi has had 4 MRI’s and 4 surgeries focused mainly on her lower extremities.  She has been on 4 antibiotics and other medicines that treated her for different issues.  After 22 days on the vent they removed it and now we are on the slow process of weaning off the meds that kept her asleep for so long.  We have a long time before we get to go home and many doctor visits after we do finally get home.  

There are no family updates.