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Everett, WA
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    Tanya Pfiefle
    Work Injury


    I am reaching out for financial help. I have been struggling with many illnesses over the last 5 yrs, with parathyroidectomy surgery in 2018, then I was hit with horrible fibromyalgia, I then required a immediate full robotic hysterectomy in 2020. I couldn't return back to full time work as I suffered complications from surgery and my fibromyalgia worsening. I have really been struggling with pain, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD. I started with counseling that lasted about 1 1/2 yrs. I also had to have another parathyroidectomy surgery in March 2022.

    I was finally feeling better and had just graduated from my therapy, I was so excited to have my life back for the most part, but just 2 weeks after graduating counseling I was involved in a car accident on 12-17-2022 while I was working. I am a doordash delivery gal, I started working part-time because it allows me to work when my body isn't in pain from my fibromyalgia. When I was hit by another vehicle, it has totally derailed/ debilitated my whole life. I haven't been able to work since the accident. I had to start my counseling/ therapy sessions up again, along with seeing a chiropractor/ therapy/ massage to help with the neck and back pain, but was only getting worse. My doctor sent me to have an MRI, the results showed Cervical Stenosis of my spinal canal. I am now referred to see a Sports and Spine sugeon, which I will see on April, 25th, and find out what type of care that I will need to improve my quality of life once again. On top of now having no money for bills, I don't have the money to purchase foot inserts which I need to be able to walk. I have foot fibromas growing around my planter fasciitis.

    I live with my 75 yr old mother because I can't afford to live on my own due to my limited income, and now since the car accident, I have no money left to pay my monthly car payment/car insurance, and the rest of my bills.

    My mother now has to start paying my bills, and will soon have used up any little money she has in her checking account. I feel so horrible that my mother is now responsible for my bills along with the rent, utilities, and her own bills. I am so stressed, and seeing how this situation has stressed my mother is so very sad! I not only need financial help for me, but I also need to be able to take away the stress that my poor 75 yr old mother is having. She and I are worried that we will have no money to live on.

    I know that car accidents happen, and for awhile I have been really angry, because the driver that hit me wasn't paying attention. But, I realized that the real reason that I have been angry, is that.... This accident has debilitated my life, and that is where the anger was coming from. I am just physically hurting all over, pain, sad, depressed, stressed, and have no other means for money, I love my mother so much all the financial stress is causing so much tension between us and that saddens me so much!! We have a great relationship normally, I wish that the rest of the time I have with my mother could be happy and not to be so financially stressed. I am not one to ask for help, but I have no options left. So, I am praying and asking for help.

    Thank you so much if you are able to help me and my wonderful mother in our time of need.

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