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Jackson Pick
Premature Birth

Jackson Joseph; our little boy who was expected to join the world and our family on June 7th, 2021, choose to come to us three months early! What was a very healthy pregnancy turned into a very scary situation on March 12th when my husband Jeremy and I were told that our baby boy may come three months early. 
He is our first, so the thought of things not going as expected was not the most comfortable feeling. 
March 15th Jackson joined us at 2lb 10oz. At this time he has spent 58 days in the NICU located approximately 20-30 miles from our home.  He has so far overcome a lot, but his early arrival most definitely changed our life and financials. To assure proper care for his time in the NICU and when he gets out, Jeremy and I agreed one of us would have to leave our full time job working in retail. Our hope is to gain support to take care of Jackson’s stay after he is discharged. 

June 13, 2021
Week 40

Jackson has been doing so well at home. We are so thankful. We are all learning our new routine ♥️ 

May 28, 2021

June 7th we thought would be the day, but instead May 27th was it. We finally have our boy home! We are so Thankful and Blessed for the NICU Team Jackson had! Here’s to new memories 

May 19, 2021
Jackson Week 37

He’s looking like such a big boy and we finally hit, “full term”

May 18, 2021
Jackson Joseph

He is growing beautifully and we are  So Thankful 🥲 65 days in the NICU so far.

5lb 15.2oz, we will have you home with us soon baby boy!