The Pickus Family

Belle Plaine, MN
$15.00 raised of $16,421.28
Insurance - Health $701.28
Medical Bills $6,000.00
6 months
Mortgage/Rent $9,000.00
6 months
Car Payment $720.00
3 months
    Amy Pickus
    Tragic Accident

    Carter was involved with a gunshot wound to his face inflicted by a family member who suffers from mental illness on September 8, 2022. Unfortunately, the wound severely injured his entire lower part of his mandible, chin and face.  We spent 7 weeks and 1 day in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  With this stay came medical expenses with insurance that will be obscene for our out of pocket responsibility and because the reconstructive surgeries will go into next year we will have two family maximums to cover.  We also took a huge hit to income because of both of us being present for the first week and a half while huge decisions were to be made and we could not work.  The added expense of one of us at the hospital and the other commuting back and forth and the overall just expense of it all has created a huge financial burden for our family.  We still have two major surgeries that we will need to go back for additional 7- 14 day stays as well.   If you would like to see his whole journey please feel free to visit his caringbridge for more info

    November 16, 2022
    Carters status

    As of today we continue to wait for Carter to receive his reconstructive surgery date.   It has been a long haul with his at home cares and continues to be a struggle with simple things like medical supply orders.  We are anxiously awaiting the surgery date when he can begin to recover completely....

    October 31, 2022
    Pickus Family

    Thank you for considering helping our family during this incredibly difficult time.   We never could have imagined something like this happening but here we are....if you are unable to help financially please surround us in prayers for healing and that God will help us find a way to navigate thru all of this...