The Poulose Family

Saint Paul , MN
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    Sylas Poulose
    Premature Birth

    Hi, my name is Esther, it has been a very hectic and crazy last year from losing my brother, to receiving the most amazing news. I found out this past February I was going to be blessed with a baby boy , Sylas Philip.  At first he was supposed to be delivered at 39 weeks , then plan changed to 37 weeks. Then  I got hit with more disheartening news. On my last appointment (September 14th) during Sylas’ stress test his heart rate dropped and I got diagnosed with preeclampsia, and been battling with type two diabetes. What was supposed to be a routine 45 min check up was turned into a full 3 weeks stay in the hospital. On September 19th 2022, he finally arrived 6 weeks early and is currently in the Nicu. I was finally discharged on September 23rd. I’m currently on insulin, blood pressure , and blood sugar medication etc I won’t be able to return to work for at least couple of months or even more. From being at the nicu 24/7 first time single mom to attending multiple doctors appointment , I’m falling behind in bills. Due to my health conditions doctors advised that I should take the full time to recover. I thought I had another month to figure everything out before he arrived , but that all changed. I love my baby boy and is the best gift from god in my life.  Thank you for your great generosity !

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