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    Yevonne Powers
    Breast Cancer

    I have been through a lot in the last few years.  In July of 2019 I had to have total knee replacement surgery of my left knee.  In December I had to have the right knee replaced.  Then covid hit and everything shut down.  In November of 2020 I discovered I was born with a heart defect, the following May I had to have open heart surgery.  I finally recovered and was able to go back to work part time.  In December of 2022 my mammogram came back with an issue.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer January 19, 2023.I have been under chemo treatment and had a double mastectomy.  I lost my job on February 3, 2023 and  we parted on bad terms.  Chemo destroyed my muscles so i now have to have rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders.   I can not use my arms.  I am unable to drive.  Because of all of this I am suffering with terrible, draining depression.  Every time I think I have my depression under control something sets me back.  I have a son, who should be counting on me, but I am relying on him.  With out him I would not get out of bed every day.  

    I refinanced my car at a terrible interest rate to help me get by.  That was a terrible mistake.  I need my car to get to treatments and appointments.  I can't lose my car but I am about to.  I really could use any help I can get.  Please I really can not handle much more before I am going to fall apart.  I am desperate.

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