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Wadena, MN
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    Caleb Prushek

    Caleb's Neuroblastoma
    -High risk, very aggressive
    -Cure Possible with extensive treatment, including Chemo, surgery, transplant, targeted radiation, and antibody therapy. Looking at one year worth of treatments. 
    -Primary cancer tumor is on his Adrenal gland, with other spots as well through out his entire body. Large tumor in his skull behind right eye, left eye socket, top of skull, chest, spine, sternum, arms legs, pelvis and liver. Pretty much has spread through out his entire body.
    -Chemo will help the best for treatment, we should see the best results from that, other treatments will be a plus.
    -Also the tumor behind his right eye is crushing his optic nerve, we are hoping with work we can get it back. 

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