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Minneapolis, MN
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    Ajda Prutina
    Agenesis of corpus callosum

    Ajda is a 10 year old who has been through so much since birth she was diagnosed with Agenesis of corpus callosum before birth, at only 3 years of age she started getting seizures that only got worse over the years she is currently on medication to help control the seizures, she was also diagnosed with Cerebral palsy it does effect her on a daily she also has scoliosis and was most recently diagnosed with Colitis it was a scare for us all we were not sure what was happening at the time and she was hospitalized for a week with tests being done daily, her test also showed very low iron levels so she was needing to have Iron infusions every few days after she was released from the hospital, due to her hospital stay/visits we were unable to work at the times and it has got us behind on bills

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