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Fort Atkinson, WI
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    Jennifer Randall
    Chronic Illness

    Pause for a moment and picture your life with no teeth or missing teeth.  Pretty scary, hey?

    My name is Jenn, I’m a 37 year old single mom and here is my story.

    A few years ago was the beginning of the end with medical illnesses and losing teeth.  There was a car accident in which the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and accelerated into my driver door.  The man was underinsured and I sustained lifelong injuries from this accident.  Due to this accident, I had broke 6 teeth out from the impact.  My insurance only covered enough for 2 teeth to get repaired.  Not too long after this accident did I become very ill.  Constantly throwing up, stomach pains so powerful that I actually asked God to please take my life.  I spent about a total of 6 months hospitalized.  I have chronic stomach motility, my stomach can’t break down food anymore.  Bleeding ulcers that erupt, tears in the lining of my stomach and benign colon tumors.  During this time my dental health took a turn for the worst.  I vomited so much and for such long periods of time, even currently that the acidity from vomiting ate away at my teeth enamel.   I was on 21 medications and what I didn’t know was that some of these medications result in bone loss and fragile, brittle teeth.  I already had dental injuries from the accident that I could not afford to repair, nor dental insurance.  Then I became ill and and now my teeth have rapidly deteriorated, broken and  fallen out.  The Dental Surgeons  have tried over the past couple years to save as many of my natural teeth as possible but by then I had lost 11 teeth that were either missing or unrepairable.  The horrific news of being told that my teeth can no longer be saved has been devastating.  I cannot count the amount of E.R visits for dental infections and jaw bone infections.  Due to how many times that I have faced these infections my face has now become distorted. 

    The amount of pain that I endure due to my dental health is indescribable.  I have come close 3 times to having sepsis due to the infections.  My latest was this November 2021.  My cousin Becca, at age 26 passed away due to a dental infection that was not treated.  It’s just a matter of time that I won’t be so lucky either. 

    I currently have 2 upper side teeth and 5 lower front teeth remaining.  A few of them are breaking.  I have no molars whatsoever.   On Christmas day this year of 2021, I lost 2 front upper teeth.  I have no means to be able to have anymore dental work done because I have spent all my savings on the dental work  that failed.  I have a daughter and I make sure that her dental health is a priority so that she doesn’t face the same as I do.  That leaves me with no teeth though.

    I have seen several dental surgeons and they all have stated that the few teeth that I do have remaining must be removed immediately, that it’s become too dangerous to my health.  It is devastating and affects me mentally, emotionally and physically especially being only 37 years old. 

    July 6. 2021 an incident happened and I had taken a fall.  I shattered my entire left ankle.  I have had several surgeries along with pain management, physical therapy and orthopedics.  My left ankle is entirely all metal now.  I get around on a knee scooter.  I have to have more procedures yet and learn how to walk again.  With that being said, I have been out of work on top of it since July to currently and many months more to come.  I have zero income, not eligible for any type of loans, and a credit card that has a maximum limit of $300.  Since this incident I have lost my home.  I lost my storage unit that had mine and my daughter’s life packed up in it.  I sleep on a co workers couch in the basement, and have just personal items.  

    Losing teeth and not having teeth affects so much more than cosmetically.  My inability to chew food or eat any type of solid food has had a severe impact on my physical health.  I rarely speak anymore; people are unable to understand the words I am saying.  The amount of pain and loss has put me into despair, along with wanting God to just take my life to put me out of this anguish and pain.  I have lost all my friends, no social life as well.  I don’t remember the last time I had a real smile. I barely look into a mirror anymore because it’s devastating every time I do. I hide alone because of the severe embarrassment and no self confidence.  Human beings can be very judgmental and cruel when they see my mouth. 

    I write these words with tears in my eyes.  I currently have enough jaw bone to enable dental implants.  Surgeons have concluded that dentures would not be the solution for me because my jaw bone will not hold dentures eventually. 

     I do not have access to the kinds of funds that would be required to make this a reality for me.  I fail to live my life to the full potential because of the detrimental effects of losing teeth and having no teeth.

    I am in dire need to get the remaining few teeth taken out and get teeth replaced.  The amount of funds that are required to proceed with dental implants range from between $60,000 - $90,000. 

    Please help bring my mouth back to life with your support.  I am forever grateful for any prayers, kind words and funds to make this happen for me. 


    Very Truly Yours,



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