New Richmond, WI

The Reeve Family

Max Reeve
Heart Defect

Our son Max Reeve was diagnosed with the rare heart defect HLHS prior to being born. He was delivered premature at 33 weeks and was immediately taken to the NICU, he has since been moved to the cardiovascular intensive care unit for monitoring until he is ready for stage 1 of 3 open heart surgeries. He will be in at children's hospital for at a minimal for 2 months, have the first surgery the Norwood, recover and hopefully be able to come home during inter-stage with us in prep for the second surgery the Glenn at 3-6 months of age. Its possible Max will stay at Children's during this entire time.Our family has two girls and now 1 boy. Our oldest Sydney is 5 and Kendall is 3, they will both make awesome sisters. My wife Natalie had a rare condition with pregnancy called placenta accrete and had to endure a major surgery and complications with her pregnancy.It has been difficult with travel, many over night stays at hospital and separation from our other 2 children.

Caring Bridge--Updates


Please see our families CaringBridge for updates on Max.   He has had his first surgery the Norwood, he had to go on ECMO(life support) but is doing a little better now being off of it.

We consistently post updates on the CaringBridge along with photos!

Thank you for the support!

Our Family

Photo of all of us visiting Max at NICU. Cant wait to get home and spend more family time together.