The Richards Family

International Falls, MN
$1,000.00 raised of $2,030.00
Car Payment $1,090.00
2 months
Mortgage/Rent $850.00
1 months
Insurance - Auto $90.00
1 months
    Emery & Adalie Richards
    Infant-Related Illness

    Emery and Adalie are Mono-Mono twins that were born 8 weeks early. After a NICU stay for both girls, we were able to go home to join their other 3 siblings. After 9 days of being home, Emery stopped breathing and was rushed to our local hospital via ambulance. They then life flighted her to a hospital in Duluth, MN where it was determined she had Entero Meningitis. When it was time for her breathing tube to be removed, they realized it was stuck. The doctors then air lifted her to St. Paul, MN. Since being in St. Paul, she has had trouble coming off of breathing support. She has been having procedures to open up her airway each week. Adalie recently wasn't feeling well while being home. She was brought to the local emergency room and air lifted to Duluth, MN. It was determined she has Entero Meningitis, just as her sister did the month before. She will be recovering in the NICU in Duluth, MN for now. 

    November 11, 2022
    Finally Home!

    Adalie luckily only had to spend 6 days in the NICU to recover from her infection. She was able to come home the end of September! She has spent her time traveling back and forth between home and visiting her twin.

    Emery had a much longer road. She was put on a ventilator for a while and continued dilation procedures. After 3 dilations, she was later able to breathe on CPAP. She continued to wean off of breathing support and was eventually able to breathe on her own! Her last step to be able to come home to us was to learn how to eat again. She didn't do very well with it, so a G tube was decided. Five days after surgery, she was able to come home with us and be reunited with her siblings on November 4th! 

    It has been a busy time of trying to transition to home. Emery is not the 6 week old newborn we had at home once before, she is now a 4 month old baby and we are begining to learn her personality all over again. Being home has had it's challenges, but we are so glad to finally all be together again!