The Rios Family

Texas City, TX
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Mortgage/Rent $5,200.00
4 months
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    Andrew Rios
    Foreign object in foot

    My recovery is still in process. I'm going on 3 months and still out of work. My family and I need  help with rent and utilities. Dr. says I will need to wait another 2 months before I can fully recover. I work in construction so it's hard for me to be able to do any light work. My only choice right now is to stay home. In the meantime my rent and utilities are past due. I never ask for help but at this time I am in desperate need of help. IF you find it in your heart to help me my wife and kids we are forever grateful. Thank You and God Bless!financial situation I would dearly dearly appreciate it. Thank You God Bless!

    March 24, 2022
    Rios Family

    Been out of work for 3 months now and still trying to recover. I have been out of work due to my foot surgery. I am the only income so I'am having a hard time with my rent and utilities. Due to my diabetis I have not able to recover fast. Getting to my Dr. visits are hard I am paying someone to take me on top of trying to pay some bills at home. Trying to prevent eviction but hoping that I can get help paying rent. I have never been in this situation and I would greatly appreciate any help I get . Thank you!!