The Scott Family

Farmville, VA
$500.00 raised of $6,270.00
Mortgage/Rent $3,015.00
5 months
Car Payment $1,985.00
5 months
Insurance - Auto $1,270.00
5 months
    Tacola Scott
    Breast Cancer

    I was diagnose with triple negative breast cancer in 2021 I'm a mother of 4. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2013. On January 21st 2021 if found an unusual lump on my left breast I freaked out of course after examining myself. Next day I called the doctor and I had a mammogram set up for the 28th the following week, and things went fast from there doctor's appointment one after another and surgeries. Now after that im still trying to get back on track and it's not easy and it's not easy. But everyone men and women need to get check and examine themselves.

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