Northfield, MN

The Seesz Family

Errow Seesz
Infant-Related Illness

I would like you to meet our sweet boy, Errow Donald Seesz. He was born at 37 weeks on January 17th in Northfield, Minnesota. Shortly after being born he was having troubles breathing and was rushed up to the cities and has since spent time in 2 different NICUs for respiratory distress. He is currently at Southdale in Edina which is about 45 minutes from our home. Because of the distance we have been staying at a hotel just across the street from the hospital for the past couple weeks to be closer to him and see him as much as possible. Errow has two older sisters, Dani (age 8) and Aubree (age 3). Since Aubree is so young she is not allowed to enter the NICU so we have to take turns going in, or find someone to come stay at the hotel and watch the girls. This is definitely not the birth plan we had hoped for and it has been heartbreaking to have to watch Errow go through so much and not be able to do anything to help him. The only thing we can do is be with him. This situation is neither one a parent wants to be in, nor have their child(ren) in. Up to this point our biggest obstacle with trying to be close to him was the distance and care for our girls. But this is also a situation that can never be planned for or budgeted for and now our finances have become an obstacle. I had originally taken off only 1 week of work for his birth, but now we are going on 3 weeks. We want nothing more than for Errow to be safe and healthy and come home. Unfortunately his little body isn't there just yet which means more travel and hotel costs which we just can't quite manage at this point. The only thing we can do to help our sweet Errow is to be with him and we would like to continue to do so as we can't imagine him being alone in the NICU with his family 45 minutes away. At a certain point you need to ask for help, so we are asking for help so we can continue to do our part to help our little boy get healthy. We are beyond grateful for all of the help and support we have gotten thus far and continue to receive.

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