The Simonieg Family

Bismarck, ND
$500.00 raised of $500.00
Medical Bills $500.00
1 months
    Griffin Simonieg
    Premature Birth

    Hello, my name is Griffin James and my birthday was earlier than planned, because the doctors told my mom and dad about complications due to cholestasis. They didn’t know that I would be spending time in the NICU though.  Quickly after birth, the nurses noticed my breathing patterns and saw me working very hard to breathe and keep up. My oxygen levels dropped and I needed some support. My neonatal nurse practitioner treated me for pneumonia with antibiotics through my IV and I received some nutrition through some extra tubing. 

    Mom and Dad came to see me every two hours! My mom was pumping to provide breast milk that they first started swabbing in my mouth until I could take it through my feeding tube. 

    With a name like Griffin, I know I have the strength and courage to grow up big and strong!

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