The Sjogren Family

Sioux Falls, SD
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2 months
    Paisley Sjogren
    Premature Birth

    Paisley came early at 32 weeks and 6 days. She was born August 30th and weighed 2 pounds and 14 ounces. Paisley has a butterfly vertebrae and has a cute squished little nose that we will be seeing genetics for. Paisley was in NICU for 41 days. But she is a fighter for sure when she first showed up she had a c pap machine on and oxygen and was getting medication as well. She was off her cpap and oxygen within the first two weeks and showed everyone up. We had alot of issues maintaining our weight. We were on sodium then off it and ending up going home with sodium and on high calorie formula in order to go home. We do have a hole in our heart and have a check up for it but this little fighter has got it. Overall it was a long journey in NICU and hard but thank goodness for such amazing doctors and nurses. And all the visitors that came to see her and support her.  

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