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Teanu Spann
Pregnancy-Related Illness

On August 18th 2020 I woke up in the morning to go to my regular OB appointment just like any other morning I felt fine I wouldn’t of even known something was wrong just at 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant. As soon as I get to my appointment they take a urine sample as always and then I wait to be seen. I wasn’t even in my OB office more than 10 minutes as soon as they checked my blood pressure it was 158/80 with that being said the nurse quickly went to go check my urine which resulted in there being protein in my urine. I had 2 of the symptoms of preeclampsia I still felt fine. One of the OB came in and urged me to go to the hospital across the street to get my labs taken care of and monitored for a few hours to make sure everything was okay. At that point I was still feeling fine just bummed I couldn’t go home because I had plans already made for the day. As soon as I get to the hospital everything’s going good blood pressure doesn’t seem to be that high anymore still high 140/80 range after hours of me waiting for an answers my labs came back normal but I still had protein in my urine which resulted in them diagnosing me with preeclampsia. After hearing those words I immediately started panicking which in then my blood pressure spiked to 188/110 they immediately put me on an IV and started me on lots of medicine it was at that point I started feeling all types of sick. Luckily the doctors and nurses got my blood pressure under control because they needed to transfer to a hospital that could take care of me and my baby if he was born earlier than 31 weeks because I have server preeclampsia. So the doctors got me stable and then transferred me over to a better hospital. As soon as I got there the team said,” WE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT TALKING ABOUT DISCHARGING YOU.” I have to stay here until I deliver my baby which will be early November when I’m able to leave the hospital if all goes well. My blood pressure was good once again until the weekend came it spiked again but luckily they were able to get me stable. Did have another spike 9/18 which they were able to be stable as well but I’m lucky to be 28 weeks and 4 days as of 9/21.

October 6, 2020
Jo’vannii Alexander-Riley Burrell

Jo’vannii Alexander-Riley Burrell was born 9/22 @ 2:50pm due to my preeclampsia getting worse I had an emergency csection. Jo’vannii is currently in the nicu he was born at 28 weeks and 5 days he is now 30 weeks and 5 days. He’s doing well anything helps at this time.