Sioux Falls, SD

The Sparks Family

Levi Sparks

Our 6 year old, rather healthy son was recently diagnosed with Atypical HUS. A very rare kidney condition. We spent 12 days in the PICU at Sanford's Children's hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. We have been moved to the regular Pediatric floor. He has had a kidney biopsy, 3 blood transfusions and 7 rounds of dialysis. He was also intubated for 8 days. He continues to improve day by day and his kidney function is almost back to normal. My husband and I have been off of work without pay. We have been taking turns staying at the hospital while the other is shuffling our 10 year old daughter to and from school and sports activities. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. God Bless!

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