The Spencer Family

Bloomington, MN
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4 months
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    Charity Spencer
    Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and Cervical Instability

    My mother Carol and I are both disabled and are at risk of losing our home due to back lot rent. I have been certified as disabled since 2019 through the Minnesota State Medical Review team, and I am on a CADI waiver. I have been promised 1000 dollars of funding from Brooklyn Center CAPS towards our balance of 3200 dollars. I have been struggling with severe chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and I am seeking a diagnosis for cervical instability and hypermobility, and my 74-year-old mother is struggling with heart failure and coronary heart disease as well as diabetes. I have been working to find funding through the county, but I am waiting for my Social Security hearing on March 25th. This is the first home that I've ever owned. I would love to be able to work but the amount of pain I am in is unbearable and I'm having a difficult time getting the treatment I need.

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