The Stambaugh Family

Astoria, IL
$500.00 raised of $2,676.09
Medical Bills $2,676.09
3 months
    Todd Stambaugh
    Brain Tumor

    Our Story:

    I am married to a wonderful man that was recently diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. We have experienced many stressful situations in the last few months, but our friends, family, and God have been there with us every moment. I know that with the help of our community and through our faith, we'll make it through this difficult situation no matter what happens.

    Prior to being diagnosed with his condition, my husband was working full-time hours for a manufacturing plant, and we were able to get by on his salary alone. However, now that he's undergoing treatments and not working, we're having a really hard time keeping up with the cost of his treatment. Even with insurance, the costs for treating his form of cancer are extremely steep. So far, we've done the best that we can to manage them, but we're going to be overwhelmed soon without help. We have an outstanding balance right now, and it's affecting our ability to pay our other bills. 

    We know that there are more costly medical bills coming our way, so getting help with this one would better allow us to meet those obligations. It will keep us from drowning in medical debt, and it will allow us to rebuild once my husband's treatments are finished as well. He'll be able to focus on beating this cancer without the stress of these medical bills looming over us. Like I said before, we have faith that our friends, family, and God will see us through this no matter what, and we also have faith in the kindness of others as well. I know that with this help we will get to the other side of this horrible situation, and once we are, I want to pay this kindness forward wherever I can. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for considering our situation.

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