Sun Prairie , WI

The Steckel Family

Harlow Steckel

Harlow had been fighting what seemed like congestion for a few weeks, and her Mom (Lindsey) and Dad (Jeff) tried everything:  saline spray, the nose frida, eye drops, zantac, and numerous doctor visits, none of which led to clearer sinuses.  After a trip to the ENT followed by an unsettling 6 month well-check appointment, Lindsey and Jeff decided it was time for a second opinion.  Upon meeting with Harlow, the new pediatrician promptly sent them to the hospital where Harlow was scheduled for an MRI that included routine blood tests.  It was these tests that finally revealed what was going on and Harlow was diagnosed with ALL ’T’ cell leukemia. 

At eight months old Harlow is facing months of intensive cancer treatment, followed by another 2-3 years of outpatient maintenance treatment.  Harlow’s parents are taking time away from work to care for Harlow, taking her to hospital appointments multiple times per week and learning how to live life at home enjoying time with their beloved daughter.

While Harlow has a long battle ahead, she is well loved, strong, clever, adorable and happy, and we are hopeful for a full recovery. If you are looking for a way that you could help in this time of need, please consider contributing to this Help Me Bounce campaign.

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