The Stolsmark Family

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    Everlee Stolsmark
    Premature Birth

    My mommy was placed on bed rest 3 months before I was born.  My mommies Thursday wasn’t strong enough to keep me in her tummy long enough.  And the possibility of her and my death was very big.    Mommy did everything she could to keep me in as long and possible so I would grow healthy and strong.   She had to stop working and go on bed rest.   This was very had for her as I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. 
    After a long time my mommies body couldn’t keep me in any longer and I was born at 33 weeks.   Now I am in the Nicu trying to grow strong.  My mommy does her best to spend all the time she can with me snuggling and feeding me to help me keep growing big so I can go home and see my siblings!   Because of having to spend so much time with me my mommy still can’t return to work.  My mommy and daddy work very hard together to make sure all our bills are paid.  But since mommy had to stop working to care for me it’s been harder to keep up. 

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