The Tanaka Family

Port Jefferson Station, NY
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Utilities - Phone $900.00
3 months
Mortgage/Rent $9,150.00
3 months
    Tenzin Tanaka

    Tenzin is an 8 year old boy battling Tcell ALL. He was diagnosed in June 2022 after months of concerns and medical appointments. Tenzin had his 8th birthday in May 2022 and shortly after started to show signs of extreme fatigue, bouts of vomiting and overall was not himself. He was brought to the ER on 6/2/22 by his mother as he was unable to hold down water, had lots of bruising, frequent nose bleeds, and bloody cracked lips. He was diagnosed in the ER and immediately admitted tot he PICU due to very concerning bloodwork. Tenzin underwent a blood pheresis to "clean" blood the first night in the hospital. The next day the oncology team discussed the treatment plan and attempted to place a port to begin chemo. Tenzin's platelets were too low and a PICC line was placed and remained during his first chemo cycle. Since diagnosis Tenzin has been hospitalized 4 times all for lengthy stays with complications from treatment. Thankfully he has been home for a few months now receiving his treatments. Tenzin is currently in the delayed intensification cycle of his treatment.

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