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Foley, MN
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    Clayton Taute
    Cardiovascular Disease

    Hello! My name is Clayton Taute and I recently had my 6th open heart procedure. I had a Ross Konno procedure.  The road to where we are now has been long and tough as I am only 6 years old. I am a very active boy who loves school(I am in kindergarten), I love to be outside, swim, go camping with my family and eat my favorite foods-spaghetti and bbq chicken wings! I have a an older sister who is 7.. a twin brother, a younger sister who is 5 and a younger brother who is 3. We are all very close and being away from them and my family has been very hard.  I was recently rushed via ambulance and re admitted to the hospital because my chest incision became severely infected causing my oxygen to drop and my lungs to not heal the way doctors had hoped. This readmission has been quite scary as any infection that is close to the heart and lungs can be fatal. It has caused significant financial hardship to my parents as my dad is the sole provider in our household who has a full time job supervising a cabinet shop and has needed to take the past 3 weeks off to stay home and help care for my other siblings while my mom continues to stay by my bedside to help me get better.  The amount of time that I am expected to stay in the hospital to help fight the infection is unknown and will only continue to cause more financial hardship as we do not know how quickly I will improve. Any donation is appreciated as it will allow my parents to focus on my healing and making sure that my other siblings needs are met. 

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