Rosemount, MN

The Tillman Family

Tatum Tillman

Tatum has Neuroblastoma cancer. When we found this out he had to have emergency surgery on his spine since the tumor was pressing up on the spinal cord. After the surgery he went into cardiac arrest for 53 minutes. CPR was preformed and he was put on ECMO to help resuscitate him. Tatum suffered brain damage from this arrest. He went through 2 rounds of chemo before they were able to surgically remove the tumor. He is still in the hospital since May 9th. He needs extensive rehab from his cardiac arrest and being sedated for so long. Our little Tater Tot is such a fighter though!


After 4 months, 127 days in the hospital Tatum is finally home! We will continue with weekly trips to children’s for rehab. Jack will be taking some time off to help with these and my father will also be helping. I will be taking time off for all the follow up appointments and scans.  We are so blessed to be a family of four under one roof!


Scans were done and there is no evidence of disease!!! Best news yet!  Tatum will continue with scans every three months to ensure nothing is growing back.

Road to Recovery

After surgery Tatum has been doing a lot of therapy to recover!

No More Tumor!

The tumor was successfully removed!!

Father and Boys

Tried to keep his brother involved as much as possible because he loves his older brother!

Prayers Were Heard

He is our Tillman Tough boy!

Tatum's Journey

Here is a look back at how strong our boy is!