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Olivette , MO
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    Sharon Tobias
    Mental Illness

    There has to be someone out there. I can't be actually losing it now?! I have struggled with mental and physical health issues while working full time and retaining the same home for nearly 10 years. Everything crashed to the ground at once and now I'm 2500 behind with my amazing understanding landlord who just can't afford to let me live here for free anymore and the electric will be turned off March 20th if that's not paid... But. The kicker is now I cannot work. I have been a hairdresser for 13 years. My salon closed the business, laying us off with 2 weeks notice in February.... At the same time my carpal tunnel finally reached maturity so I have no real productive use of my dominant hand. My case worker and I have run the standard practice, either no funds or I'm not homeless yet or the sky isn't green I don't know. So I'm throwing matches in the dark hoping something will ignite. I raised the two most beautiful women I've ever known. I have the most amazing 2 month old grandson that I see often. My home echoes of nearly a decade of family, friends, and comfort. They left, it's just me and now it's all so strange. My mental health, my family, my grandbaby can't handle this mess. I'm wishing upon a star tonight that I get to continue making my spare room a lil boys playroom. 


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