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    Ethan Sidd
    Autoimmune Disease

    Meet Ethan, a remarkable young soul who lights up the world with his sweetness, kindness, and boundless love.  At age 12, he faces a challenging journey, battling "Autonomic Dysfunction disease" for over 14 months that unfortunately has no cure, Ethan being a severe case.  This disease, along with his immune deficiency that also has no cure, has led us to Mayo after it spiraled out of control and resulted in Ethan being unable to stand or walk for the past 2 months now, and constant utter exhaustion resulting in him being home-bound 99% of the time because his body just doesn't have the energy to be moving around.  Being that he is a severe case, and with no cure, it's been a constant revolving door these last 14 months of chronic illnesses, constant doctors appointments/specialist appointments/therapy, and missing 90% of the last 2 school years, as well as all of the sports he so dearly loves to play!  Being so physically ill, this has also extremely impacted Ethan's mental health, leading me, his Mother, in complete and utter despair.

    Full disclosure: I am a single Mom that has had a massive life change.  I have fought hard to break the hereditary cycle of abuse that came long before me in order to provide for my son and give him the life that he truly deserves.  This life change was necessary, but of course brings heartache and extreme challenges our way, most especially during this difficult time.  I do not have ANY family help at this time, and I'm my son's only provider.  Watching my son suffer in isolation at home has been honestly so difficult.  His physical health has severely impacted his mental health.  Being home along so much, he struggles with the abandonment of his Father, and he struggles with all sorts of things that would make any kid sad; he can't just go play with his friends, he's so athletic and cannot play any sports, he's unable to attend school or socialize.  I begged and pleaded for help, as his physical health and mental health declined so badly I was going to do anything, and still will do anything to help him get better and get back to just being a kid again.  He was finally referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota last month.  We feel we are finally in the right place, but it's going to be a long road ahead for him.  The pain he's experienced throughout his entire body has led him to become very weak in every way; he has not been active in over 2 full months now.  The plan they have Ethan on at Mayo is set for "Intense Inpatient Treatment."  This treatment will involve us BOTH, which is obviously time consuming but necessary.  This treatment will address his physical and mental health in order to rebuild his life after the last 1.25 years.  It's going to take years for him to fully recover, but this treatment is so necessary at this time.

    As a single Mom, I have never felt so alone and afraid for my own innocent son that is the most loving, kind, sweet, and caring soul.  I have conquered so much to provide for my son, to give him everything he deserves, to show him how much he's loved even through his Father's abandonment.  I am his one and only provider with no help, and I've always been able to figure it out.  Unfortunately, I've reached the end of the road where I've realized I no longer can do this alone right now.  My son needs me the most he's ever needed me right now.  His physical health has impacted his mental health, and in turn I need to do everything I can for my son during this time to help him live a better quality of life.  It's been so hard to watch him wake up and suffer from the moment he rises, until the moment he goes to sleep.  I need help, and that's so very hard for me to say, but I am giving this to God now.  The future is bright, but at this time I am trying to find all of the avenues that I can that will assist us and provide us with minimizing Ethan's chronic physical pain so he's able to just "be the kid" he loves to be so very much. 

    Ethan possesses a heart overflowing with love and a spirit eager to make friends with everyone he encounters.  His radiant personality and nurturing nature touch the lives of those around him, leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes. 

    Despite the health challenges he faces, Ethan is incredibly intelligent, showing a curiosity and wisdom beyond his years.  He's a quick learner and demonstrates a remarkable understanding of the world around him.  If you are ever lucky to have a conversation with him, I'm always told he's a "walking encyclopedia of all kinds of facts."

    Your support can make a profound difference in Ethan's life and help provide us with the stability he needs during this transitional period.  Together, we can ensure that his bright future continues to shine, and his dreams are not limited by his health conditions.

    Thank you for considering Ethan's story and joining us in supporting this incredible young individual!  We appreciate any and all support.


    The Sidd Family

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