The Urias Family

Dallas, TX
$540.00 raised of $9,187.90
Mortgage/Rent $9,187.90
10 months
    Wilberth Urias
    Colon Cancer

    My name is Rosalba Urias, my husband Wilberth Urias and I have had a rough year. Due to COVID-19 my husband was let go from his job at a public school as a driver and cook. Less than three months ago Wilberth was diagnosed with a high-grade neuroendocrine carcinoma, a very aggressive form of colon cancer. This cancer has metastasized or spread to his pelvis. In order to fight for his life, my husband has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments five times a week for the past two months and is continuing to have these treatments. Not only do these these treatment leave my husband fatigued and weak but they are also extremely expensive.  We have applied for health insurance to cover the cost of these treatments but have been denied. Due to these denials, we have been forced to pay for these life saving treatments out of pocket. In order to cover these expenses, I have been working double and triple shifts, which are still not covering the out of pocket cost. Due to these unexpected yet life-saving expenses, we have fallen behind on our mortgage and are seeking help. Thank you.

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