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    Jorgelina Uscanga
    Brain Tumor

    My name is Jorgelina and I'm 67 years old.  I was diagnosed back in Nov 2022 with a very aggressive brain tumor cancer called GLIOBLASTOMA Multiform. My life has changed since then. I'm not the normal woman that I used to be prior my brain surgery. I used to work as an independent contractor, providing housekeeping services. I cannot work anymore due to my disability.  Unfortunately, due to the location of the tumor and treatment that I'm currently receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy, I lost my speech and I have expressive aphasia. I've applied for Social Security Income and Social Security Disability, and they denied my applications because they said I don't have enough working credits. I'm on public assistance, receiving food stamps, but that's not enough to have a very strict diet as a cancer patient.

    I have 2 sons that have been supporting me financially since last year and sadly, they cannot support me anymore as they have their own family and responsibilities.  And that is the exact reason why I'm looking for resources that can support me financially during this financial hardship that I'm going through right now due to my brain tumor condition, which don't allow me to work. I wish I could recover soon that way I can go back to work and continue with my regular activities. I was recently referred to a psychiatrist because I've been feeling depressed because my illness. I'm a strong woman, I go to church every Sunday and i know with faith, I will be able to overcome this battle. Please help me if you can and please pray for my health. 

    Thank you very much. 

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