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    Nikolai Vanzile

    After our 5 year old son, Nikolai, began complaining of back & leg pain we did what any responsible parents would do and took him in to the E.R. to be seen. Little did we know, later that evening an MRI would reveal a posterior fossa tumor the size of a plum attached to Niko's brain stem and brain which had blocked a ventricle causing severe hydrocephalus. We would be transferred immediately to see a pediatric surgeon and have a tube placed in emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on Niko's brain. The very next morning, they would remove the tumor in an exhaustive 10 hour long surgery. Queue world shattering meeting with our neurosurgeon, in which we were told that the tumor removed from Niko's brain is cancerous. Niko did exceedingly well in the surgery, though it was a bitter sweet victory accompanied by a long discussion on the next steps and what to expect going forward. We are told our son is high risk for out bursts of frustration due to an inability to focus his vision and articulate speech. Niko continues to stabilize every hour as we are in the post op period. He is able to speak and tell us if he is in pain in the few moments during the day he is able to awaken. Nikolai is a warrior who continues to break down barriers and defy prognosis & will not be defeated, though we face a long road of rehabilitative therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to make sure the tumor doesnt have the ability to grow back. We are relieved to find out that Niko will likely maintain his speech and his vision will improve over the next few months with therapy. Brain cancer, in particular, is exceptionally expensive to treat because of the multitude of medical interventions and therapies needed as part of patients’ care. Brain cancer had the highest per-patient initial cost of care for any cancer group, with an annualized mean net cost of care approaching $150,000. Being that my wife is a stay at home mother and I will be unable to work, we require financial assistance in order for me to be able to remain with my son in the hospital and assist him through this challenging transitional healing period. We sincerely appreciate the out pour of support from our friends, family and co workers. Please continue to think positive thoughts for Nikolai and keep his name in your prayers. We believe deeply in the power of affirmation and the more minds we have thinking positively about Niko's prognosis, the better. Thank you again for your time and support. With Love, Nikos family.  

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