The Vincent Family

Rothsay, MN
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    Jennifer Vincent
    Breast Cancer

    Just before Jennifer was set to take off with a backpack, canoe and Tony on their 2nd boundary waters adventure their to do list came to a screeching halt. It was replaced with doctors appointments, googling new medical terms and a shift in her calendar from work to focusing on the fight ahead. The fight against Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Jennifer is self-employed and continuing to work with clients, cleaning and painting homes/businesses, between medical appointments and even once treatment begins in June. She's a mover... She’s a busy body… She will do what she can. Jennifer has a fantastic support group in her life and we hope to ensure she can be the "JV" we love in helping her stay comfortable, healthy, loved and do what we can to keep her mind off essential and medical bills so she can conquer the unexpected! Thank you for helping in her fight in any way you are able! We hope to make updates here on this page as often as the need/want arises so you can join her on her journey.

    June 16, 2022
    A huge thank you before the fight!

    Family and friends! 

    On behalf of Jennifer and Tony thank you for all the love you've shown since you learned about the road ahead. From what I hear it's been endless. From the tackling of the WishList to the HelpMeBounce donations and every loving word, message and laugh in between. I know Jennifer knows she isn't alone and this means more to me than anything. The upfront help has helped her in so many ways already including having the energy and stamina to open all those Amazon boxes and get things organized before chemo starts next week! I hope to share more here, from Jennifers perspective, in the months ahead. 

    I do want to let you all know that all donations on HelpMeBounce are anonymous. Jennifer doesn't see donor information. I know that no one is showing her their support to expect a thank you but I do know that part means a lot to her and often times this type of support is your way of wishing her your best in letting her know you are thinking of her. If that is the case and you have made a donation, or you do in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out to her with your thoughts as she won't know otherwise. I will also happily facilitate this by way of adding you to her thank you list, passing on an address for a card or other way you'd like her to know you are thinking about her. You can reach out to me on Messenger, via text at 952.451.3629 or or really anyone you know who loves JV. 

    Thank you. Please keep Jennifer in your most positive of thoughts next week as she has several appointments including her first round of chemo. Tony will be with her while momma and I help make sure life at home is set up for comfort, love and laughter.