The Woiton Family

Minot, ND
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5 months
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2 months
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Odin Woiton
Heart Defect

Odin is a sweet newborn boy who was diagnosed with a congenital cardiac condition while he was the gestational age of 34 weeks. By the time he was one week old, after closely investigating the tumor on the left ventricle of his heart his team had predicted they were observing a rhabdomyoma mass. Besides the multiple methods of testing he has already had, Odin still needs genetic testing and a possible biopsy on this cardiac tumor to decide the best course of action for treatment. So far, he has been the greatest miracle and warrior baby that we ever could've asked for with the circumstances we've been presented. We are seeking financial assistance for medical bills we will receive throughout his current treatment and possible diagnosis, and we're appreciative of anything that is provided.

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