The Xiong Family

Saint Paul, MN
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Mortgage/Rent $3,900.00
3 months
Utilities – Water $734.55
1 months
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Car Payment $508.68
1 months
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    Tommy Xiong
    Premature Birth

    Hi, i am tommy's mom 

    Writing on behalf of tommy xiong born premature at 25 weeks, during the time he is born tommy suffer quite a bit . He is gaining weight which is good. I am a mother with another toddler 5 years old so i travel back and forth to care for both .  During these hardship the father of the boys took over a month off to care for me as i have c section and need help recovering. The father of my sons did not get pay for staying home to care for me and the boys so we lost so income . I am a disable mother who is on disablility with limit income so this causes our family to fall behind on some bills. It will be a life saver a life changing if someone can help us end the year to relieve some finincial stress. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. 

    January 3, 2023
    Premature baby born early

    Hello everyone ,as of jan 2023 our baby boy tommy is still currently in nicu unit. We are staying with him everyday and he is growing but will take some time since he is born at 25 weeks. We have been off from work to be with our baby and we also have a 5 years old toddler at home where we also doing our best to balance between . Any amount would be greatly apperciated and will go towards our bills . We thank you so much in advance. It will help relieve some stress or alot of finincial stress. Thanks from the xiong family