Blog by Sarah Putnam
Author: Sarah Putnam
Published On: March 10, 2023
In a sea of incredible nonprofits doing amazing work, Spare Key sets ourselves apart with our mission to help families facing real hardship pay real bills in real time. We provide donors with a direct line to families that need their help the most. Because the reality is that even when a devastating medical crisis hits, the bills don’t stop. Read this week’s Help Me Bounce blog by Executive Director Sarah Putnam to learn more about how Spare Key sets ourselves apart with our Help Me Bounce program.
2023 Groove Gala presented by Network Title, Inc.
2023 Groove Gala Presented By Network Title, Inc.
Author: Talia Simonett
Published On: March 3, 2023
Spare Key is hosting our annual Groove Gala, presented by Network Title, Inc. on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 celebrating 26 years of helping families “Bounce and Not Break” during the most unimaginable time in their lives. The Groove Gala is like no other, including a silent auction, live auction, games, and extraordinary entertainment you won’t want to miss! Read on to learn more about what sets Spare Key’s Groove Gala apart from the rest and how you can join the fun!
Families Giving Back by Alexia Sebesta
Author: Alexia Sebesta
Published On: February 10, 2023
At Spare Key we are privileged to have helped thousands of families in their time of need throughout the past 26 years. The kindness and compassion of these families years after they received assistance is inspiring. Their willingness to give back in whatever way they can is just another reason Spare Key can continue serving families throughout the nation. We appreciate this kindness and generosity more than they could ever know.
Impossible without Volunteers
Author: Talia Simonett
Published On: January 26, 2023
On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, Spare Key is hosting our annual 2023 Groove Gala, presented by Network Title, Inc., welcoming 800 attendees to join the celebration in supporting families facing a medical crisis “Bounce and Not Break” during their time of need! With a small but mighty team of 4, most people wonder how this event is possible! Read on to learn more about the new opportunities this year’s 2023 Groove Gala brings and how YOU can be a part of the solution!
Thank you to everyone that supported Spare Key in 2022
Author: Sarah Putnam
Published On: December 30, 2022
With only two days left to 2022, Spare Key’s Executive Director, Sarah Putnam, took the opportunity in her last blog of the year to reflect on not just this past year, but the last 25 Spare Key has been serving families. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering support of countless individuals and partners, and words can barely express our gratitude to each and every one of you. With your continued support, Spare Key is honored to support families facing real hardship pay real bills in real time.
Cookies with Santa 2022
Author: Talia Simonett
Published On: December 22, 2022
On December 11th, 2022, Spare Key hosted our annual FREE Cookies with Santa event, welcoming families around the community to come enjoy a day celebrating the holiday season! Cookies with Santa is always an exciting day, but this year was extra special welcoming over 200 people. Read on to learn more about what this year had in store!
Common questions surrounding medical professional verification
Author: Angela Frazier
Published On: December 16, 2022
As Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, Angela Frazier takes note of common questions asked by users of Help Me Bounce. These questions may come from families, donors, or medical professionals. When Spare Key launched our Help Me Bounce Blog, Angela immediately knew she wanted to start a Q&A Series for individuals to reference when they needed additional clarification around the application or donation process. So the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series was born! While every part of the application process is equally important, the medical professional verification portion is different in that it brings a person from outside the organization onto the platform to verify an applicant’s medical situation. In this month’s installment of the series, Angela dives into common questions she hears around this verification process.
Spare Key celebrates Give to the Max Day
Author: Talia Simonett
Published On: November 10, 2022
Spare Key is partnering with their fellow Minnesotan organizations to host “Toys to the Max Day.” A day dedicated to collecting toys that will be used in this year’s holiday celebrations! Read on to learn more about what we have planned to celebrate Minnesota’s annual day of giving: “Give to the Max Day.”
Common Questions about Funding Goals
Author: Angela Frazier
Published On: November 3, 2022
A core goal at Spare Key has always been to support families during unimaginable medical crises. Spare Key accomplishes this mission through our Help Me Bounce platform. This platform gives donors a direct line to make a real and immediate impact on families throughout the nation.

This platform also gives both families and donors clarity and transparency that donated dollars go exactly where they’re intended. Spare Key doesn’t take a cut of any donations raised on Help Me Bounce giving families 100% of donations raised towards their campaign. Spare Key makes payments directly to servicers/providers of the families’ bills giving donors 100% confidence their donations are going where they’re intended. We accomplish this through “Funding Goals”.

In this month’s installment to the Help Me Bounce Q&A Series, Angela explains how Spare Key uses funding goals to provide more transparency and accountability to donations given on Help Me Bounce.
Growing within a small team by Alexia Sebesta
Author: Alexia Sebesta
Published On: October 28, 2022
Working on a small team brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. It helps you grow and learn in ways you’d never expect. And it teaches you that no one can do it alone. Here at Spare Key, we have a small but MIGHTY team of dedicated employees that put their heart and soul into their work. On top of that, we rely on knowledgeable partners, an extremely supportive Board of Directors, family, friends, volunteers, sponsors and more! Everything we accomplish for families facing medical crises is a direct reflection of these individuals’ dedication to Spare Key’s mission. Read on to hear Spare Key’s Chief Administrative Officer, Alexia Sebesta’s thoughts on working and growing within a small team!
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